Urban Turtle top music bands

The Urban Turtle team really cares about its clients and when we say care, we mean REALLY care! So, we hope that you all enjoy your summer. To help you enjoy this season even more, here is our top of the best geek bands of ALL TIME!

  1. 1. The Datas and the Papas
  2. 2. U 00000010
  3. 3. AC/CD
  4. 4. #000000 Sabbath
  5. 5. Radio<HEAD>
  6. 6. #FAAFBE Floyd
  7. 7. CodePlay
  8. 8. Johnny Cache
  9. 9. Led Zeppelin (already geek name)
  10. 10. The Turtles (self-promo)
  11. 11. Sex Pixels
  12. 12. Bon Java
  13. 13. Deep Turtle
  14. 14. Weezer (seriously, just look at them)
  15. 15. RAMstein

What is your favorite GEEK music band?
Don’t hesitate to share your playlist.

Enjoy the sun folks!

Urban Turtle 4.17 and summer news

With the much anticipated arrival of summer (at least for us living in Montreal) the Urban Turtle team is happy to bring a few updates to our dear customers.

A new release!

A new version of Urban Turtle (4.17) is now available for download.

Making a Bulk Commitment

You will now be able to preform bulk state changes to work items in the Product Backlog by selecting your work items and using the Bulk Action menu’s Change State Operation.

Real Parent/Child links

We’ve changed the way Urban Turtles creates links to now use Parent/Child link type between work items. This affects links between features, product backlog items, tasks, bugs and any other type of work item you choose to nest from within Urban Turtle. Dont worry, we will still honor the Related Links created by previous versions of Urban Turtle, but this will better align your work item structure with new functionalities being developed in TFS.


Urban Turtle release 4.17

What’s next with Urban Turtle? Check our Roadmap and tell us what you think!

Portfolio Management Dashboard

Project reporting and progress tracking are time consuming activities. They are further complicated by cross project reporting on TFS. We want to lighten your reporting workload and get the big-shots off your back. Our summer roadmap has us working on adding reporting capabilities to the Portfolio Management Dashboard to help stakeholders easily follow the advancement of teams as they convert business goals into business realities.

Want more details? Discover what we have in mind for the product management and the storymap on our website.

Suggestion board: a way to be part of the product development

Now that you have a new Turtle in hand and you’ve seen what cool things we have planned for the summer, you are probably asking yourself “This product is great but how can I use the Turtle to bring world peace?”

We want to know what you would like Urban Turtle to do for you. We invite you to participate in the development of the Turtle by sharing your thoughs and wishlist on our community suggestion box!

Urban Turtle 4.16: Bring order to your backlog

Bring order to your backlog Urban Turtle has always made it easy to add items to your backlog. We introduced the Quick Add functionality back in Urban Turtle 2010 and it’s proven to be quite a popular feature.  With the introduction of the Product Management add-on, we added a new way to define your development projects in terms of product backlog items. It seems that these features have lead to some difficulties when it comes to managing your backlog.

One of the most glaring issue has been to try and find out what work is properly ordered and what items have yet to be prioritized. In the latter case, these items are most often newly created items. Given that, by default, their backlog priority is set to 0, they would usually appear at the top of the backlog, effectively changing the priority of existing items.

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We too, aim for the goal! Urban Turtle 4.15 is out!

canada-hockey-teamsFresh off an outstanding olympic performance from our Canadian hockey teams, both female and male, we bring you the latest update to the gold standard in Agile project management tools for TFS: Urban Turtle 4.15. While we were not watching our teams rule the competition, we managed to work in several new features and improvements. Many of them stem from user feedback, read on to find out if yours made the cut this month.

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Better view of non-prioritized work items

keep-calm-and-prioritizeHello community!

We’re currently thinking about a way of managing work items that have not yet been prioritized in your product backlog. We know that, sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to find a newly created item that you want to prioritize: they get lost in all the numerus items of your backlog.

Let’s say that I’m the Product Owner. I just created a bunch of stories under multiple Features in the Product Management. I now have to prioritize them for my team to know what to work on. Below is what I would see when I load the Product Backlog:

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Urban Turtle 4.14 sprints, and prints!

triple-rocketturtleThe Urban Turtle team is proud to make available the first release of the year: Urban Turtle 4.14. With some under-the-hood tweaks and a few nice features, this is a release that you won’t want to miss. Again, customer feedback played a major role in the decisions we’ve made and we are thankful to all of you who take the time to share their thoughts about the product with us.
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Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk

Yep, we hear it over, and over. Every year, it’s the same story: with the new year, comes the new year resolutions. Since you already have took too much resolutions (or like me, did not decided yet what to try this year), why not add this one to your list.

There’s this amazing thing about actually getting out of the box that leads to out-of-the-box thinking. Whether it’s nature or the exercise itself, it certainly works.

— Nilofer Merchant

We use this technique a lot at Urban Turtle to help us set the stage for those meetings that needs more intense conversations. But why not get out and take a walk for any kind of meeting? We’ll try it for sure!

Are you fan of walk and talk meetings?