New Release, New Product Management!

Urban Turtle’s Product Management Feature will help Product Owners organize their business requirements into a single TFS project whether you want to manage a small, large or multiple team projects within the same TFS project.

This feature will help you to:

  • Organize your user stories
  • View business value progress statistics
  • View effort progress statistics
  • Plan your product using a roadmap
  • Assign and visualize the business value of deliverables

New Product Management
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What’s new in 4.21

My turtle is slow? Well if you have a large backlog maybe… With this release, combined with the last one, we have improved many aspects of the performance in the Product Backlog. This is a starting point in a larger refactor focusing on performance.

  • Version 4.21 – Improve the load time for large Product Backlog
  • Version 4.20 – Add a “Load more/Load all” option for large Product Backlog

Download our latest version here

Stay tuned for our next major release: Initiative Management / Scale Agile Framework (SAFe) / TFS Agile Portfolio

Interested in managing your backlog with more categories and levels? Or manage a portfolio in your TFS instance? This will most likely interest you. In the next few weeks we will release our new Product Management with a new level of categorisation, new stats and performance improvement. Here’s a sneak peek of what will be available pretty soon.

New Agile Product Management for TFS

New Agile Product Management for TFS


Did You Know? Custom Boards

Dear Urban Turtle lovers, or users, or both, or just turtle curious;

We are receiving a lot of questions on how to use Urban Turtle. That’s why we decided to start a new series of blog posts that will show you how to maximise your experience with the turtle’s features.

So, here is the first “Did you know” post! Today, we will show you how to customize your workflow through the “Custom Boards” tab without having to manually modify XML files on your TFS server.

Create a board that fills your needs

The baseline workflow that is proposed in our Sprint Backlog is not meeting your needs? There’s an easy way to extend this workflow using custom boards. Continue reading →

Urban Turtle 4.20 is now available


The holiday season is over and Urban Turtle team want to wish you a happy new year. We hope that you had a good time with your family and friends. We wish you all the best for 2015.

In 2015, we will continue to improve the product and we will deliver incredible new features that will bring the turtle to another level.

A new realease for the new year!

We start the year 2015 with a new amazing realease. Version 4.20 is now available for all.

See what’s new in this release:

Load more/Load all option for large product backlogs

  • Improved loading time of large backlogs for Internet Explorer

Improve Hours Burndown & Story Point Burndown

  • New trend line for better forecasting
  • Fixed issues when work is “not completed” at the end of the sprint
  • Improved the display of date
  • Ability to switch between a default and a reference sprint on the dashboard widgets

Improve Velocity Chart

  • Added filled area to indicate on which sprint the average applies
  • Current and future sprint are not counted in average

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed ordering issue when dragging an item into a new parent in Product Backlog
  • Fixed Null value popup when Web Acess is configured in a language other than English or French
  • The widget edition window does not appear under the widget anymore when editing a widget’s configuration
  • The roadmap view is now compatible with IE8
  • Many UI fixes under IE8

Click here to download the latest version of Urban Turtle and do not hesitate to send us your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates.


A wonderful event in Quebec City… and a new release!

Quebec City

Last week the Urban Turtle team was in Quebec City attending Agile Tour Quebec and we have to admit that we had a very good time. First off, we want to thank the organizing committee that made life easy for us (even if we had to wake up at 5 a.m.). We also want to thank all the people who came visit our booth  during the event and discovered the turtle. It is still surprising to see that some people do not know us, but we remedied this situation. Finally, we want to thank you all for the good conversations that we had. It gives us good ideas for the next features and the future of Urban Turtle.

It’s a rendez-vous for Agile Tour Quebec in 2015!

And a new release with all that!

While part of our team met the Agile community of Quebec City, another part of the team launched a new version of the turtle. Version 4.18.5 is now available for all.

Fixed issues are:

• Show all project areas when a project is configured to support the TFS Team fields
• Minor Bug fixes in the product management
• Improvement and bug fixes on the unordered list
• Fix a Null reference in the product backlog when nesting a work item in TFS 2013
• Fix issue where user would use up their licenses prematurely

Click here to download the latest version of Urban Turtle and do not hesitate to give us your feedback. We’ll be back soon with new super cool features!

Invasion de tortues à Québec

Logo Agile Québec
(English version bellow)

L’équipe d’Urban Turtle est fière de vous annoncer qu’elle envahira la ville de Québec dans le cadre de l’Agile Tour Québec qui se tiendra le 5 novembre prochain au Centre des congrès de Québec. Il s’agit d’une superbe occasion pour plus de 700 intervenants du monde Agile de venir nous rencontrer.

Des conférences pour tous et des invités de marque

Lors de cette journée dédiée à 100% à l’Agilité les participants pourront choisir leur programme parmi une dizaine de conférences. En plus de ces conférences, deux Keynotes sont offerts. Le premier sera offert par Michael Feathers, auteur du livre « Working Effectively with Legacy Code », référence suprême dans le monde de l’Agilité. Le 2e keynote sera offert par Jurgen Appelo, précurseur du mouvement Management 3.0.

Venez nous saluer

Malgré toutes ces excellentes raisons d’assister à l’Agile tour Québec, la meilleure raison d’y aller est sans aucun doute de venir nous rencontrer! En effet, l’équipe d’Urban Turtle aura son propre kiosque dans la salle des exposants toute la journée. Il s’agit, pour vous, d’une occasion unique de voir nos jolis minois et de venir découvrir notre produit et nos plans de développement.  En plus d’en apprendre davantage sur la tortue, vous courrez la chance de gagner un iPad mini en répondant à notre super quiz!  L’équipe de Pyxis sera également sur place pour discuter Agilité et développement logiciel avec vous.

C’est donc un rendez-vous le 5 novembre prochain dans notre belle capitale.

À très bientôt !


Turtles invasion in Quebec city

Team Urban Turtle is proud to announce that they will be invading Quebec City as part of the Agile Tour Quebec to be held on November 5th at the Centre des congrès de Québec. This is a great opportunity for more than 700 Agile stakeholders to come meet us.

Presentations for all and special guests

On this day dedicated to Agility, participants will be able to attend a number of great presentations given by experienced Agile practitioners including our colleague Richard Martin. In addition to these presentations, their will be two Keynotes speeches. The first will be hosted by Michael Feathers, author of “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” supreme reference in the world of Agility, and the second by Jurgen Appelo, pioneer of Management 3.0 movement.

Come say hello

Despite all these great reasons to attend the Agile Tour Quebec, the best reason to be there is to come see us! Indeed, the Urban Turtle team will have its own booth in the exhibit hall. This is a great opportunity for you to come see our pretty faces and discover our product and our development plans.

It’s a rendez-vous on November 5th, 2014!

See you soon!

Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3 – Urban Turtle 4.18

You want to follow Microsoft cadence and update your TFS Server to latest version? You can now do so with Urban Turtle 4.18.

This release include minor update to support TFS 2013 Update 3 and some bug correction.

Here’s the listing :

  • Support for TFS 2013 Update 3
  • Improvement and bug fixes on the unordered list
  • Bug fixes in the product management

So, can’t wait to have this amazing new version of UT? Click here to download it.

Enjoy your experience folks!

Turtles in Seattle

Last week, Microsoft hosted its annual VSIP summit at their Campus in Redmond and guess what, Urban Turtle was there! After one week near Seattle, lets have a look at the highlights of that event.

Did you say Cloud?

It’s not a big secret to anybody that Microsoft is developing in the Cloud space. Almost 75% of the presentations we saw during the summit were Cloud oriented.

In the forefront of their cloud initiative is Visual Studio Online (VSO). This service is now available online and gives you the same TFS possibilities of the on premise version without the commitment to a huge infrastructure.

The most interesting part about VSO is Microsoft’s deployment model. When using this new service you will always be running the latest version of the VSO platform. Microsoft plan to continue their commitment to releasing new versions after each development sprint. This means continuous access to fixes for small issues as well as the latest new features. That’s really cool!

And for people who decided to continue using their on premise version (which is still a very good idea), Microsoft will continue to support and update their TFS platform several times a year. VSO will become a laboratory for the on premise version.

And where does the Turtle fit in all this?

We can’t ignore the fact that the new online version of Visual Studio is a very good opportunity for Urban Turtle and we want to be there. Especially when you consider that Microsoft wants Urban to be part of the development. You know its a love-love relationship!

Now we know you are asking yourself “what will happened with my super Urban Turtle licences if we are all moving to VSO?” We want to assure you that we will continue to develop the on premise version of UT. Thanks to you our roadmap is full of great ideas that will help us to bring this product further!

So, after these good conferences and interesting meetings (shout out to Aaron Bjork and Will Smythe), Urban Turtle continue to develop its online solution that will enhance your VSO agile management experience.

Finally, we really want to thanks the VSIP team for this nice summit! We look forward to seeing you again next year!


The Turtles!

Urban Turtle top music bands

The Urban Turtle team really cares about its clients and when we say care, we mean REALLY care! So, we hope that you all enjoy your summer. To help you enjoy this season even more, here is our top of the best geek bands of ALL TIME!

  1. 1. The Datas and the Papas
  2. 2. U 00000010
  3. 3. AC/CD
  4. 4. #000000 Sabbath
  5. 5. Radio<HEAD>
  6. 6. #FAAFBE Floyd
  7. 7. CodePlay
  8. 8. Johnny Cache
  9. 9. Led Zeppelin (already geek name)
  10. 10. The Turtles (self-promo)
  11. 11. Sex Pixels
  12. 12. Bon Java
  13. 13. Deep Turtle
  14. 14. Weezer (seriously, just look at them)
  15. 15. RAMstein

What is your favorite GEEK music band?
Don’t hesitate to share your playlist.

Enjoy the sun folks!

Urban Turtle 4.17 and summer news

With the much anticipated arrival of summer (at least for us living in Montreal) the Urban Turtle team is happy to bring a few updates to our dear customers.

A new release!

A new version of Urban Turtle (4.17) is now available for download.

Making a Bulk Commitment

You will now be able to preform bulk state changes to work items in the Product Backlog by selecting your work items and using the Bulk Action menu’s Change State Operation.

Real Parent/Child links

We’ve changed the way Urban Turtles creates links to now use Parent/Child link type between work items. This affects links between features, product backlog items, tasks, bugs and any other type of work item you choose to nest from within Urban Turtle. Dont worry, we will still honor the Related Links created by previous versions of Urban Turtle, but this will better align your work item structure with new functionalities being developed in TFS.


Urban Turtle release 4.17

What’s next with Urban Turtle? Check our Roadmap and tell us what you think!

Portfolio Management Dashboard

Project reporting and progress tracking are time consuming activities. They are further complicated by cross project reporting on TFS. We want to lighten your reporting workload and get the big-shots off your back. Our summer roadmap has us working on adding reporting capabilities to the Portfolio Management Dashboard to help stakeholders easily follow the advancement of teams as they convert business goals into business realities.

Want more details? Discover what we have in mind for the product management and the storymap on our website.

Suggestion board: a way to be part of the product development

Now that you have a new Turtle in hand and you’ve seen what cool things we have planned for the summer, you are probably asking yourself “This product is great but how can I use the Turtle to bring world peace?”

We want to know what you would like Urban Turtle to do for you. We invite you to participate in the development of the Turtle by sharing your thoughs and wishlist on our community suggestion box!