A Retrospective of 840 Sprints

Urban Turtle delivers a kick-ass experience for Scrum in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

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Founded 1975
Website urbanturtle.com
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[edit] Urban Turtle delivers a kick-ass experience for Scrum in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Altair 8800 Computer.

While studying at Harvard, the first product owner of Urban Turtle, Luigi Tremblay tries to convince Bill Gates to include support for Scrum with the first release of Altair BASIC. Bill refuses to delay the launch of Altair BASIC. However, a productive collaboration debuts between the two men. On April 6th, Luigi and his team start developing Urban Turtle.

Steve Ballmer of Microsoft.

Five years later, Steve Balmer joins Microsoft and smacks a crisis a few days later when he discovers that after 120 sprints Urban Turtle is still not ready for market. As a result, Steve hires Ken to help the team define DONE.

Deal with IBM: The key reason for the deal is to get Urban Turtle and the Visual Studio Scrum template installed on every IBM PC.

Microsoft Windows.

On November 20, Microsoft releases the first retail version of Microsoft Windows. At the last minute, Urban Turtle, deemed too slow on Windows, is removed from the product. The performance issue appears to be due to the 640 kilobytes barrier.

[edit] Urban Turtle's falling

UrbanTurtle's first PO.

Urban Turtle is in mourning. After 480 sprints, its product owner dies in Niagara Falls (NY) drowned in a waterfall. The team being under shock, Urban Turtle is removed from the launch of Windows 95. Super Mario, son of the first product owner, is hired to join the team.

Urban Turtle decides to stop doing documentation that nobody reads. With this decision, two thousands trees are saved each year.

Microsoft Excel.

[edit] Urban Turtle's rebirth

Urban Turtle is rebuilt from scratch as a plugin for Microsoft Excel. Super Mario and his team discover the joy of building software using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

After 600 sprints, discovering Excel is not the optimal solution for doing Scrum, Microsoft decides not to ship the product with Microsoft Office XP.

As a way to give visibility to the Xbox platform, Microsoft asks the Urban Turtle team to rebuild the product from scratch to run as a game shipped for the Xbox.

Upon advice from Ken who is afraid that people may think that Scrum is a game not for serious developers, Microsoft removed the xbox edition of Urban Turtle from sale two days before its official launch.

A new start for Urban Turtle. 720 sprints later, the product is again rebuilt from scratch, this time to run as a plugin for Internet Explorer. Super Mario and his team discover the joy of building software using Javascript.

Microsoft Visual Studio.

Something new delays the launch of Urban Turtle. The voice of reason: "If you want to be serious about Scrum and software development, Urban Turtle needs to integrate with Microsoft Team Foundation Server with a formal implementation of Scrum Template."

After 35 years, 840 sprints, two generations of product owners, the team is proud to finally ship Urban Turtle with support for the new Visual Studio Scrum Template. It has been a long journey that seemed very short. It feels like this story began 35 days ago and not 35 years ago. Time flies.

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