Urban Turtle 4 Sim-Ship

As promised, we are proud to announce the sim-ship of Urban Turtle 4 at the same time Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 are released.

Urban Turtle 4 for Visual Studio 2012

In the next few weeks, we will focus on the next set of exciting features to be released in October, which include a Kanban board, a new fast-track board for Scrum teams and the mobile estimation feature that created a buzz at Agile 2012 in Dallas last month.

Estimation Zone

In the following months, we’ll take smart innovation a step further as we work on features to manage your releases more efficiently.

Since 2008, continuous innovation by the Urban Turtle team has enabled TFS to become Agile. With the release of Urban Turtle 4, we are renewing our commitment to our customers that we’ll keep on developing new features and innovations for both TFS 2010 and TFS 2012. Innovations that make you smarter!

Smart Innovation

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