Daily Stand-Up Meeting View

Your daily scrums are too long, unproductive, and they are lacking focus. In fact, this meeting is simply blocking your sprint’s progress. We’ve got the solution! Discover the view intended for the daily stand-up meeting.

This simplified view provides you with better visibility of your user stories’ progress, easier navigation, and the opportunity to inspect and adapt your sprint during the stand-up. In fact, it will help your development team synchronize and prepare the work plan for the day.

This view comprises three distinct sections:

The Burndown charts section presents a quick and brief view of your current sprint’s progress (hours completed and story points achieved so far).

The Warning area displays the items that are blocked.

The Stories area allows you to easily answer the 3 essential questions of the daily scrum: What did I do yesterday? What will I do today? Do I face impediments?

StandUp View

The way the information is presented in these sections allows you to answer all three questions quickly, to easily pinpoint the problems, and to follow the sprint’s progress.

It is important to remember that all discussions during the stand-up must revolve around the sprint goal!

A timer is even available. Therefore, you can manage time efficiently and respect time-boxes.

Finally, the stand-up view offers a ton of useful information allowing you to focus on the sprint goal as well as on your stories’ progress.

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