Easily manage your user stories.

Prioritize simply

Urban Turtle’s product backlog gives you the opportunity to prioritize all your user stories easily and quickly thanks to the drag and drop feature. No need to play with the Backlog Priority field. Just like a master of poker (Texas Holdem of course), you can play with your cards to find the winning combination for your project. The drag and drop feature also gives the opportunity to easily create some parent-child relationships between different backlog items.

Assign value to your user stories

Urban Turtle allows you to use different elements to help you order your user stories. The effort, as estimated by the development team, is outlined in the Product Backlog. But is it enough to ensure an optimal prioritization? Not quite! A story can be very long and complex to develop, but that doesn’t mean it will provide a lot of value to the product and the organization. That’s why we put forward the business value of your stories. Therefore, you can reorder your product backlog by prioritizing the items bringing more business value while requiring less effort.

Assign and categorize

For large-scale projects, the Product Backlog gives the opportunity to the Product Owner to classify and organize user stories into multiple features and initiatives. To learn more about high-level management in Urban Turtle, visit our Product Management page.

Follow the metrics

In Urban Turtle, the Product Backlog contains a large amount of date. If you select an iteration, you then have access to the hour and story point burndown charts. Other management statistics allow you to manage your iteration effectively. In one click, you will see:

  • The dates associated with the iteration
  • The number of hours associated with the tasks
  • The number of points for each User Story
  • The total number of work items of the iteration
  • The number of elements.

It’s the best way to organize the iterations during the planning session.

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    We love Urban Turtle at Restaurant.com. Any time something in our process felt like it was harder than it should be, we found something in Urban Turtle that helped us improve our process and make things amazingly simple.

    Joel Karr, Restaurant.com