Manage your Sprint Backlog

With a custom board, you can:

  • Add steps to your workflow
  • Assign tasks to users
  • Manage your work in progress
  • Map your different statuses to your workflow
  • Map your different work item types to the board.

Customize your columns

After creating the number of columns you need, you can configure some specifications related to your reality. The first elements that you can set up are limits for the work in progress (WIP). In fact, you get a visual signal when the total of work items exceeds these limits. Note that WIP limits are disabled when both the minimum and maximum fields are set to 0.

Auto-assign to users

The other interesting customization that you can manage is automatically assigning tasks to users. Here are the 3 different options:

  • Assign: The user dragging a task card into that a column set to assign will automatically be the assignee.
  • Unassign: When the card is dragged into a column set to unassign, any assignee will be removed from the task.
  • Don’t change: Well, you know what it means!

Map your statuses

It is with this function that you indicate to Urban Turtle what to display and where to display it.

For each work item type that you have, you will need to set the different statuses that may be applied to each step of your workflow.

Hint 1: The same status can be used on multiple columns. This means that you can set “tasks” to “In progress” in columns 2, 3, and 4.

Hint 2: Let’s says that, for some reason, you don’t want “Bugs” to be displayed on your board. To do so, simply don’t map any status for that specific type of work items.

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