Something new in Urban Turtle: the Stand-Up view is out!

You were waiting for it, here it is: The Stand-Up view! The feature of the hour has been released last week and we are so proud to finally show you this unique tool. The view is dedicated to your daily stand up meetings, it gives you a quick overview of your sprint progression, a highlight of your sprint obstacles and an easy navigation between your stories. The goal of all these elements is to give you a better way to inspect and adapt your work as well as help your team to get aligned with what you have to do to achieve the sprint goal.

Stand Up View

The stand-up view includes 3 section: Burndowns, warnings and stories. These allow you to quickly see the progression of your sprint, to easily pinpoint the impediments and to focus on what really matters.

We’ve been using it for 2 months now and, trust us, it’s just amazing! It’s now your turn to improve your stand-up meetings! Take a few minutes to check-out our video and read more Stand Up view about our new feature.

We continue to improve our features and are eager to develop new ones! Our continuous goal: give you the best Agile experience with Urban Turtle. To enjoy a most fabulous experience, download Urban Turtle 5.6 the latest Urban Turtle version.