Urban Turtle and TFS 2015 Update 2 Are Already Friends

During Microsoft’s Build 2016, the release of TFS 2015 Update 2 was announced. A few days later of working under the hood of the Turtle, we are proud to announce the release of Urban Turtle 5.4 with the support of the newest version of Team Foundation Server.

Urban Turtle 5.4

We really appreciate our collaboration with Microsoft on the last updates of Team Foundation Server. We believe that our capacity to follow Microsoft’s release that fast is a good example of that collaboration. With each release, our collaboration with Microsoft’s teams is growing and it’s a good news for everyone.

Not only does Urban Turtle 5.4 is compatible with TFS 2015 Update 2, but it also includes a new features and the support of the Team Field (in Beta).

We also have new stuff

New Features in the Product Management tab

Fixed Issues

Beta Features

Click here to download the Urban Turtle 5.4 and enjoy all these elements.