Urban Turtle 5.3 is Out – Say Hello to The Feature Board!

The Product Management Board, commonly called the Feature Board, will let you manage and visualize your features in your organization workflow. At a higher level, this board will help you create the visibility your stakeholders need to see what’s happening in your organisation.

The Feature Board is a major part of the Product Management revamp that started a couple of months ago. It also includes the new roadmap view with the Epic level.

Feature Board

A New 100% Configurable Board View

The Feature Board will display the features of your project and you will be able to configure what information you want to see on your cards.

Feature Board Configuration

Board Highlights:

Check out our complete article about the setup and configuration of your Feature Board.

Move Your Features in Through Your Workflow

The Feature Board lets you customize your workflow. You can keep it simple and stick to the baseline status of the Features (New, In Progress, Done) or add more steps that will reflect how you are working towards completing your Features. Once the Feature Board workflow is configured, it’s easy to drag and drop the Features across the board to reflect what’s currently happening in your organization.

What about TFS 2015 update 2?

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced the release of TFS 2015 update 2 due in the next few weeks. The RC1 is already available and if you have already installed that version, contact us to get the beta version of Urban Turtle for TFS 2015 Update 2 RC1 (yes, we already support that).

As usual, we will have a fully functional version of Urban Turtle, a couple of days after the release of TFS 2015 Update 2.

What’s Next in Urban Turtle?

After a blitz on the Product Management, we are now working on a completely new feature that will be dedicated to the Daily Scrum. Check out our roadmap for more info!

But for now, don’t wait any longer and download Urban Turtle 5.3 for TFS 2012, 2013 or 2015.

Enjoy all that new stuff!