New offer from Urban Turtle: Consulting Program

The Urban Turtle team always works on the product’s improvement, but we also develop new offers to help you bring Urban Turtle to your organization and enjoy a better Agile experience in Team Foundation Server. Our latest offer targets a new audience: Agile consultants. The consulting program will be available soon, but let’s take a look at the purpose and the advantages of the offer!

Urban Turtle already helps a lot of Agile teams out there, but all help you might give us would be very helpful. And that’s why we want to provide you with an offer that will help everyone building better softwares.

By subscribing to the program, you will become an Urban Turtle ambassador and be eligible to a commission for the first purchase of Urban Turtle licenses by your clients. The commission will be based on the number of users purchased. Contact us to learn more about this amazing new program at


New to Urban Turtle? Visit to have a look at the product and try it.

Give us your ideas and feedback about the product! We will take the time to evaluate every suggestion. It’s very helpful for us and we always appreciate hearing from you. Who knows, maybe your idea will become the next feature of Urban Turtle.