Urban Turtle 5.1 - All TFS Version under one shell


We are proud to announce that Urban Turtle 5.1 is out! This new version now supports Team Foundation Server 2012 (Update 2 to 4), 2013 (Update 2 to 5), and 2015. It includes all updates from version 4.25 and earlier.

So, take a look at what it includes:


Important information for the Dashboard

Urban Turtle now uses project GUID to store the selected project when you configure a widget. This will allow the dashboard to function properly when renaming a project using the new functionality in TFS.

User action needed before renaming a project

If you want your dashboard to load properly after a project rename, you need to open it before the rename. This way the migration will use the GUID instead of the project name.

New features and improvements

Some fixes issues

Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback for Urban Turtle by visiting our forum. It’s always a pleasure to hear what you have to say about Urban Turtle! This information could be quite useful to us as it will help us to improve our product.

Click here to download the latest version! Stay tuned for more updates.