TFS 2015 is out and Urban Turtle 5.0 is ready for you!

On August 6th, Brian Harry announced trough is blog that the new version of Team Foundation Server (TFS 2015) was available for download! That new version of the ALM platform was highly anticipated by the TFS community.

Urban Turtle 5.0

Urban Turtle follows the parade!

Since the announcement of the arrival of TFS 2015, we’ve received a lot of questions about our plan and schedule for the new version of TFS. Our goal was to support the new version the same day that TFS 2015 was released. WE DID IT! We are very proud to announce that Urban Turtle for TFS 2015.

With this release we bring a new version of Urban Turtle. Say hello to Urban Turtle 5.0! You can download this version for TFS 2015 on our website by visiting our Download page. If you already have Urban Turtle installed on your TFS, here is the procedure on how to update:

And what about the old version of TFS?

A new version of Urban Turtle and TFS doesn’t mean that we won’t support older versions. We will continue our development across TFS 2012, 2013 and 2015 and we will continue to support teams on TFS 2010.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released Team Foundation Server 2013 update 5. If you plan to upgrade to this version instead of going to 2015, go to our Download page to get Urban Turtle 4.24.2.

What’s coming for Urban Turtle?

As mentioned previously, we are putting a lot of effort in giving you the best Agile experience in TFS. To reach our goal and to continue to satisfy your needs, we plan, before end of 2015, to give you new boards to optimize your Scrum and Kanban experience. We also plan to improve the experience of using the new Product Management so keep your eyes open for new functionality.

Don’t hesitate to send us your requests or suggestions for Urban Turtle by visiting our forum. It’s always a pleasure to have your feedback and see that the Urban Turtle community is so awesome!