Urban Turtle for TFS 2015

Team Foundation Server 2015 is coming and Urban Turtle is ready!

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced the upcoming Visual Studio 2015 release. This new version of Visual Studio also means a new version of Team Foundation Server. That announcement has brought a lot of excitement to the Urban Turtle community and we’ve received a lot of questions about this! “Will Urban Turtle support TFS 2015?”, “When will Urban Turtle support TFS 2015?”, “Did you know that TFS 2015 was coming?”, etc. As you can imagine, the answer to these questions is Yes! Well not for the date, but you get the point… And unless we are mistaken, we will be releasing a compatible version of Urban Turtle within a week of the final TFS release, if not the same day.

Urban Turtle for TFS 2015

Today, we are proud to announce that Urban Turtle 5.0 will be ready for Team Foundation Server 2015! This version of Urban Turtle will have the same license model as version 4 for TFS 2012 and 2013. Your migration to TFS 2015 won’t affect your use of Urban Turtle except that you’ll have to install the new version of Urban Turtle, but guess what, it’s included in your yearly subscription.

So sleep soundly, the Urban Turtle team is taking care of your needs.

Turtle is going to Seattle!

For the second year in a row, Urban Turtle team is going to attend the VSIP Summit. That event, organized by Microsoft, takes place at Microsoft offices in Redmond, Washington and is reserved for Microsoft partners.

This summit is a good opportunity for us to have the latest news about Visual Studio and TFS and to have some clues about Microsoft roadmap. Also, we hope to be able to have some good discussions with Microsoft teams about their Agile focus on TFS for the next quarters. That’s what we call a partnership.

So stay connected to our blog and our social networks to get the latest news about the summit and about Urban Turtle.

Enjoy the summer folks!