Turtles in Seattle

Last week, Microsoft hosted its annual VSIP summit at their Campus in Redmond and guess what, Urban Turtle was there! After one week near Seattle, lets have a look at the highlights of that event.

Did you say Cloud?

It's not a big secret to anybody that Microsoft is developing in the Cloud space. Almost 75% of the presentations we saw during the summit were Cloud oriented.

In the forefront of their cloud initiative is Visual Studio Online (VSO). This service is now available online and gives you the same TFS possibilities of the on premise version without the commitment to a huge infrastructure.

The most interesting part about VSO is Microsoft's deployment model. When using this new service you will always be running the latest version of the VSO platform. Microsoft plan to continue their commitment to releasing new versions after each development sprint. This means continuous access to fixes for small issues as well as the latest new features. That's really cool!

And for people who decided to continue using their on premise version (which is still a very good idea), Microsoft will continue to support and update their TFS platform several times a year. VSO will become a laboratory for the on premise version.

And where does the Turtle fit in all this?

We can't ignore the fact that the new online version of Visual Studio is a very good opportunity for Urban Turtle and we want to be there. Especially when you consider that Microsoft wants Urban to be part of the development. You know its a love-love relationship!

Now we know you are asking yourself "what will happened with my super Urban Turtle licences if we are all moving to VSO?" We want to assure you that we will continue to develop the on premise version of UT. Thanks to you our roadmap is full of great ideas that will help us to bring this product further!

So, after these good conferences and interesting meetings (shout out to Aaron Bjork and Will Smythe), Urban Turtle continue to develop its online solution that will enhance your VSO agile management experience.

Finally, we really want to thanks the VSIP team for this nice summit! We look forward to seeing you again next year!


The Turtles!