Urban Turtle top music bands

The Urban Turtle team really cares about its clients and when we say care, we mean REALLY care! So, we hope that you all enjoy your summer. To help you enjoy this season even more, here is our top of the best geek bands of ALL TIME!


  1. The Datas and the Papas
  2. U 00000010
  3. AC/CD
  4. #000000 Sabbath
  5. Radio<HEAD>
  6. #FAAFBE Floyd
  7. CodePlay
  8. Johnny Cache
  9. Led Zeppelin (already geek name)
  10. The Turtles (self-promo)
  11. Sex Pixels
  12. Bon Java
  13. Deep Turtle
  14. Weezer (seriously, just look at them)
  15. RAMstein

What is your favorite GEEK music band?
Don't hesitate to share your playlist.

Enjoy the sun folks!