Urban Turtle provides solutions to Agile Managers in TFS 2013

Montréal, Canada, November 13, 2013 – Urban Turtle is proud to sim-ship along with Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013. With this release, Urban Turtle strengthens its position with providing Agile solutions to managers. The new Product Management and Dashboard add-ons allow Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and product managers to plan their Agile project roadmap and follow progress with metrics that really matters.

We are really excited to show these two add-ons to TFS 2013 users around the world. We think that Urban Turtle enters a new era of providing smart ways to plan and follow your Agile projects in TFS.

—Martin Landreville, Vice-President software development, Studio Pyxis

In a near future, the team is looking to enhance TFS with smart features that help companies who want to scale their Agile process. To achieve this, Urban Turtle relies on the expertise of its sister company: Pyxis. With the guidance of its Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, in addition to the thousands of hours of Agile coaching, training courses and Agile savoir-faire of Pyxis, these new features will surely help its clients deliver software.

Of course, Urban Turtle 2013 continues to provide an Agile application platform for backlog prioritization, release and sprint planning, and task monitoring. Its 19,000+ users from 900+ companies will have access to great new features since Urban Turtle releases new features each month.

Very powerful product on top of TFS. I couldn't use TFS without it. Good job guys.

—Simon De Baene, Product Advisor - Co-founder at Officevibe

About Urban Turtle
Urban Turtle helps over 700 companies in 21 countries build better software faster. Widely known as the leading Agile development tool for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Urban Turtle has evolved into an application platform for TFS. The new platform, Urban Turtle 2012, is the most powerful, tightly-integrated, and comprehensive software offering that empowers companies to optimize software development—and have fun doing it. Applications in the software platform include product management, product and sprint backlogs, a dashboard, an estimation board, a daily stand-up timer and much more. For the love of Agile software and to learn more about Urban Turtle TFS add-ons, find us at urbanturtle.com.

About Pyxis Studio
The Studio is the software development division of Pyxis Technologies. It develops sustainable applications, maintains existing ones, and assists development teams by providing Agile products as well as technical guidance and professional services on how to implement state-of-the-art development techniques. The Studio lives for unique and personalized software conception, inspiring projects that it can build with or for its clients. The Studio welcomes them into its teams where they not only develop software but also create unique experiences that bring software development to a higher level.