Ghosts and ghouls can't scare us: Urban Turtle 4.11 is out!

ninja_turtle_costumeIt's that time of the month again where we gladly lift the curtain on what we've been working on these past few weeks! Today, we are proud to introduce a brand new way to forecast progress on your software development project: the Roadmap view! We're also breaking new grounds, allowing cross-project reporting on the dashboard! Ghosts and ghouls could never stop us from releasing kick-ass software, month after month!

Roadmap View

Accessible from the Product Management, the new Roadmap View allows you to visualize your project features on a timeline. Coupled with the new support for start and end dates on features, this really helps you plan ahead and forecast how development is going to unfold. By now, you should be accustomed to us releasing early versions of new features that we can then build upon. This is again the case this time and we have already more work planned for this feature. We invite early adopters to jump in, play with it and send comments our way. Let's design the future of project forecasting together!

Product Management - Roadmap View

Cross-Project Reporting

The popularity of our Dashboard add-on cannot be understated. This is a crucial tool for development teams and management and we've just cranked this feature to eleven. Urban Turtle 4.11 now allows you to create widgets that report on projects other than the one currently selected in Team Web Access. You can now customize your dashboard to get a single, unified view of progress made on different projects and teams. No more switching between projects! This is a powerful tool that has some nice side-effects. For instance, it is now possible to report on hidden team iterations that may have been unchecked in your team settings simply because they are past and complete. What this means is that you can now create a single dashboard with velocity charts for all your projects, all your teams and any iteration, selected or not in team settings. This goes far beyond what was possible before, and we're sure you'll be quite happy with the highly configurable nature of the new dashboard.

Velocity Chart Multi-Project

Did I mention that support for cross-project reporting applies to ALL dashboard widgets? That's right! We were planning on adding incremental support for this over a few releases but we thought we'd end the month with a bang!

Automated License Renewals

One year ago, we released the first version of Urban Turtle for TFS 2012. We know that some of you will soon need to renew your license to ensure that you can continue to benefit from everything the turtle brings to Team Foundation Server. We've spent some time ensuring that this process would be as pleasant an experience as managing your project is with Urban Turtle. From the application, a few clicks and a few fields filled-in is all that you will need to renew your license.

As always, this release also includes several improvements and bug fixes. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version to get the latest and greatest that the Turtle can offer. Don't forget that our community support-site is awaiting your comments and suggestions. We're following closely the status of user requests posted there and I can tell you that chances that your feature requests will be included in a future release are looking good right now! *wink* *wink*

'till next month!