Urban Turtle 2012 – More Details!

With the release of TFS 2012, opportunities are numerous for customers and Urban Turtle alike. We initially announced Urban Turtle for TFS 2012 in September. At that time we had a soft launch to coincide with Microsoft’s Visual Studio launch. Since then, we perfected a few things and have more details to share with you now. We trust you will like them!

Top Features


What’s Next?

Release Planning Solution. It's time to bring TFS to the next level. Join our team of 50 Scrum experts and let's do it together! At Pyxis, we have been doing it since 2000. If you find this exciting, simply subscribe to our beta list and join our team.

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Urban Turtle 2010 and 2012

To simplify discussions moving forward, we decided to refer to our solution for TFS 2010 and TFS 2012 as Urban Turtle 2010 and Urban Turtle 2012 respectively. This is not a big change but we decided to align our naming convention with that of Microsoft.