Urban Turtle 4 adds a Kanban board to TFS!

We’ve heard our clients' prayer . . .

Agile is not only about Scrum! You asked for Kanban—we listened.

We're the first to integrate boards for Scrum teams in TFS, and today, we are proud to announce the integration of Kanban into Urban Turtle and TFS.

You can now have a real Kanban board in your TFS and get all the benefits of this approach. We know that Kanban teams change their processes regularly during the first weeks. With Urban Turtle, you'll be able to add and remove columns on the fly and easily manage your column threshold. Smart Kanban in TFS...

We're using the same UI than that of our Scrum boards, so you won’t feel lost.

You can limit your Work In Progress in each column with a minimum . . .

. . . or maximum.

As always, this is our first iteration, and we'll add new exciting features in the months to come.

The Kanban board will be available with the release of Urban Turtle 4 for TFS 2012.

What would you guys need or like in your TFS' Kanban board?