The story of smart innovation

Urban Turtle is smart innovation.

For years, we have been working hard to stay ahead and innovate in the Agile world.
Here is our Agile timeline of Smart Innovation:

Our team is having a bad experience delivering poor software, always over budget and never meeting deadlines.

The same team discovered Agile; a better way to develop and deliver software. Pyxis is born and is already embracing Agile software development methods.

We  founded the Agile Montréal community. On the first presentation, there were 3 attendees . . . Now the community has over 500 members.

François is certified as a Scrum trainer. Pyxis is the first company in the world to obtain the Scrum trainer certification in French.

We launched GreenPepper, a plug-in for Atlassian's Confluence that is integrating executable
specifications and automated functional testing.

We created GreenHopper. Welcome to the first electronic Scrum board for Atlassian's JIRA.

We developed Talia, a virtual agent that helps your business with time capture and timesheet management.

In 2008, we integrated Agile in TFS. We Sim-Ship with TFS 2010 and will do it again in TFS 2012. Drag-and-drop taskboard, dynamic planning board, easy highlight for daily meetings and many more features to turn TFS Agile.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!
Don’t miss our new estimation feature for tablets. Available for TFS 2012 this fall.

We also look forward for new innovations . . . Entreprise Scrum, Mobile, Kanban . . .