Nine in nine! Urban Turtle 3.8 is out!

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Urban Turtle version 3.8

Nine in nine!
As our customers are well aware of, each and every month we release a new Turtle. For each of these releases, we try to focus on soothing users pains while respecting our vision of a simple, dedicated Scrum management tool for Team Foundation Server. It's actually a fun and challenging balance to try and maintain and the team loves challenges!

Out with the old...
Our main focus for Urban Turtle 3.8 was improving support for dealing with multiple states in the task board columns. We used to have a feature where, upon dropping a work item onto a column where multiple states were mapped, a dialog would pop up to let the user pick the new state. This was fine when moving between columns but it was quite impractical if you wanted to transition to another state that was mapped to the same column. Put simply, we made it hard for fans of the popular To Do -> In Progress -> Ready to test -> Done workflow to use our task board. with the new!
With this new version, you can now pick the next state for your work item as you drop it on the column. But what makes it really interesting is that you can now drop a work item in the column it is already in while choosing a new state. It is very straight-forward and quick to pick up. Taking the previous example, you could now map both the In Progress and Ready to test states to the In Progress column and easily transition between these states.

To help you distinguish between the multiple states in each of the column, we have added the ability to configure a color for each of the states. This color is then used to add a visual cue on the card and on the drop zones when dragging work items. This configuration is a new section in the mapping file. If you use a customized mapping file, you will need to add the section and pick colors for the different states in your project.

And a few bonuses
Other features include keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between active users on the task board. We expect this to be quite popular in your daily scrums.

We have also added two new colors, Orange and Brown, for your work items.

As usual, we invite everyone to download and install the latest version. We can't wait to hear from you about these new features, particularly regarding the task board improvements. So don't wait, and get it while it's hot! And don't forget to visit our community site to share comments, ask questions and report issues!