Urban Turtle is now available in the cloud

The Turtle in the Cloud has reached its destination which is the ALM Summit. Urban Turtle is a gold sponsor at this event which will be targeting TFS and Agile project management using Scrum.

Try it now in the cloud!
Urban Turtle hosted version

Now that Urban Turtle is available in the cloud, we are proud to confirm that it is even easier to adopt. Our partner, PRAKTIK Hosting, has just updated their hosting offering to provide an option for licensing Urban Turtle on top of TFS 2010. PRAKTIK Hosting is an established company that specializes in Microsoft Visual Studio technologies and is a premier provider of hosted Microsoft Team Foundation Server services.

Why is the cloud of interest. Because it is quick, easy, fast, and increasingly simple. These as well as other obvious trends confirm that offering Urban Turtle as a hosted service makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the major benefits:

PRAKTIK Hosting is offering two plans for agile project management with TFS:

  1. TFS Basic with Urban Turtle:  $35 per user/month
  2. TFS Standard with Urban Turtle: $70 per user/month (if more than 10 users)

The investment to start using Urban Turtle is really small. PRAKTIK Hosting takes care of everything. They even offer a 30-day free trial licence if you have any doubts.

We think it is a great solution for teams of all sizes and first-time TFS users. One of the cool things is that, for the end user, Urban Turtle as a hosted solution is the same as on-premises, no differences. All you have to do is work on your projects and use Urban Turtle to plan and track them.