7th release in 7 months - Major Performance Improvements

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Urban Turtle version 3.6
A steady pace wins the race - Release 3.6
The name of our product has often been a source of discussion. We wanted something off-beat and we think we hit the nail right on the head there. As soon as the idea of linking our product to a turtle was evoked, a lot of people were worried about speed. Those worries were quickly swept away when someone mentionned that it was actually better that way. We just had to make sure speed was never a problem with our product. As the releases came and went, speed did become an issue. But even as the turtle slowed down, we firmly believed the pains it removed from doing Scrum with TFS far outweighed any performance issues our product had. Until today.
The development of Urban Turtle 3.6 was almost stricly aimed at improving performance throughout the product. We did concentrate on one particular area: prioritizing work items. We're quite proud to announce that, starting today, when grooming your product backlog, the following image is now a thing of the past:
Several other areas have received some nice performance gains. For instance, the statistic panes are not pre-populated anymore. We calculate the statistics upon expanding the iteration box. This also allowed us to filter the statistics according to the selected area, something people have been requesting for some time now. Applying filters is also much faster than it was before. We've seen numbers as high as 90% gains when loading a filtered backlog.
We also worked hard to reduce the size of the planning board page. It no longer relies on the view state, something the technical fellows out there will appreciate. We've also changed the popup menu used to add child items. The previous menu, while extremely useful, was poorly implemented, in our own opinion. It has been replaced with a popup dialog that helped reduce the size of the page considerably. It's a surprising change at first but one you should get accustomed to rather quickly.
Various other improvements have also helped increase performance. We also managed to fix a few baffling issues like tasks not showing up on the task board.
We're definitely looking forward to hearing from you regarding this new release. We have several other ideas about how to further improve performance. We are after those dreaded spinners! So please check out this new version, and voice your opinion on our community support site!