Urban Turtle 3.5 is now available!

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Urban Turtle version 3.5

The turtle ride continues, 6 releases in 6 months!
Team Urban Turtle is once again proud to announce the release of a new version of Urban Turtle. We've received a lot of feedback from our customers and partners and we've worked hard to show our appreciation to all the turtle aficionados out there!

Burndown filtered according to selected area
John, this one's for you! ...and for many other people who have told us it would be great if the real-time burndown in Urban Turtle would take into account the currently selected area, like it does the selected iteration.

Support for Readers
Not everyone who needs access to Urban Turtle should have the appropriate rights to actually edit work items. Urban Turtle did not always play nice with people having limited access rights, such as people in the default TFS Readers group. You can now safely allow anyone to take a look at your team's progress. Urban Turtle automatically activates drag and drop and editing capabilities according to the user's access rights.

Per-project activation
Want to test drive Urban Turtle with a pilot project without impacting the other projects on your server? No problem! Urban Turtle can now be set to appear only for projects specified in a configuration file. This one's strictly for administrative purposes. Contact us for more information about how to use this feature. Urban Turtle is still a next-next-next experience, meaning click through the installation wizard and the turtle is ready to go! All projects have access to Urban Turtle by default.

Improvements and fixed issues
We're not perfect. We make mistakes. And we embrace opportunities to improve our development process and our product!

Urban Turtle now automatically selects the first valid configuration mapping file for your project. We've improved the session management and the favorite iterations/areas feature. The footer now displays important information about your license. And everyone can uninstall the product (when you need to upgrade to the latest version, of course!). We also fixed this, this, this and several other issues. And for a lot these improvements, we have you to thank for your feedback. You guys are awesome!

There is simply no reason not to try Urban Turtle! So give it a shot and download Urban Turtle 3.5 today! And, as always, we strongly encourage you to take the time and send us questions and comments either directly or through our community support site. Any kind of comments, good and bad. We just want to improve and create a better product, release after release, and we just cannot do it without you!