Urban Turtle 3.3 is now available! – Hour Burndown Chart

There will be no rest for our team during the hottest months of the year. Today, we launch Urban Turtle 3.3. This new version includes an hour burndown chart along with some ergonomics, navigation and performance enhancements.

Real-time Hour Burndown Chart. Now with TFS Basic!

Will we be able to respect our engagement? Every Agile team wants to answer this question fast and with certainty. To answer this question, there is no better tool than an hour burndown chart. Based on remaining hours of work in the sprint, the most accurate type of burndown chart is now available in Urban Turtle for your Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 projects.

Click the “Burndown” button, Urban Turtle reads the sprint Start Date and End Date from the Sprint work item type (which you can easily create with Urban Turtle) and shows you a chart based on real time data. In other words, our report is based on the work item repository and does not need the TFS warehouse and Reporting Services to be installed and configured. This feature is therefore available on every instance of Team Foundation Server 2010, including TFS Basic.

New Feature: Work Item Types Filter

The planning board now displays a button bar that allows users to filter the cards displayed.  Different views for different roles; your Product owner could now focus on the Product Backlog Items, your Scrum Master on impediments and the team… on Tasks. Each work item type used and configured in your project can be selected and this feature is available for all process templates.

New Feature: Persistent Settings
Urban Turtle can now retrieve the last iteration and area that you were previously working on. No need to re-click the same old links before the daily anymore. Just sign in and Urban Turtle displays your favorite view of the backlog.

We recommend that everyone upgrades to this latest version and we are eagerly awaiting your feedback. Let us know what you think on our community-powered support site!

If you attend the Agile 2010 conference, do not miss the chance to see a demo in person of these cool features. Come meet members of the Urban Turtle team at booth 128.