Next Step - Microsoft Scrum template support and filtering options

Once again the team has committed to a new release Monday morning.

This is the plan for the next trip !

In the first sprint, we will make sure that the Turtle can sprint with the new Team Foundation Server Scrum v1.0 template announced at TechEd on Monday. You can download the new template here. We are really excited that Microsoft has decided to jump in the scrum world!

In the second sprint, we will implement a natural way to filter areas and iterations using a tag concept. You will have the option to put a push pin on some areas and iterations to apply a filter based on those selected and work with a subset of the work items. This will simplify backlog visualization and make sure the team's focus is on delivering awesome software sprint after sprint.

This will help you doing enterprise scrum and complex project management with the Turtle.

If you want to manage your projects like one big project as suggested by Martin Hinshelwood on his blog, this feature will let you do that with Urban Turtle. I think you will really like this new feature.

Send us your comments on the forums!

Dominic !