Urban Turtle 3.1 now available!

We're proud to announce that Urban Turtle version 3.1 is now available for download! Team Urban Turtle has been hard at work since the release of Urban Turtle 3.0 and the latest version is a true showcase of all the efforts we put in this product during every sprint.

Key highlights of Urban Turtle 3.1 include:

Support for Areas
Areas are now supported in Urban Turtle. Just like iterations, you can easily organize your backlog using areas with a simple drag and drop.

Ranking across multiple pages
We've designed a more convenient way to rank stories across multiple pages in the planning board. We've replaced the concept of pages with one of card stacks. While the stack itself cannot be moved and its number of stories is fixed, you can easily expand them with a single click and push a card onto the stack with a simple drag and drop. We feel this implementation is much more akin to how a product owner would manage a large set of user stories written onto index cards. We hope you feel the same way, but if you don't, please do ensure that your voice gets heard in our forums!

List View Display Option
In the planning board, a new option allows you to select whether the area or the iteration should be displayed on the card.

Reduced installation footprint
We've always had the goal to minimize Urban Turtle's impact on TFS installations. We were looking for the smoothest way to append our Planning Board and Task Board tabs to the TWA interface. The result in this new version is a single configuration change in TWA's web.config file.

Quick access to reports
We've added a shortcut on the toolbar to have direct access to project reports from the planning and task boards. We have plans to go much further by providing access to real-time reports right inside the planning or task board tabs. We are convinced that your feedback and incremental steps will guide us in the right direction!

We love to hear from you and we love even more to validate that we deliver software that truly fits the needs of our users.

We recommend everyone already using Urban Turtle 3.0 to upgrade to this new version. For others who have not yet taken the red pill to transport their team to a world where they are enabled to create user-delighted software fast and sustainably, please give it a try by requesting your free 30-day trial.