Scrum and Agile Built Into Microsoft Team Foundation Server

In Answering some common questions about Urban Turtle we answer some questions and present some of the orientations we took in designing Urban Turtle.

One of the main orientation is to build Urban Turtle into TFS (as opposed to integrate with). All our design decisions are made to bring as much value-added as possible while creating a seamless experience for existing TFS users and grow with TFS as Microsoft adds new features.

We believe this orientation is what allows us to have a product that installs on the server in less than two-minutes and gets a team to use it right away. We are very interested in hearing your stories and get your feedback about how we can further improve the experience.

Help us make our Urban Turtle a Chameleon ;)

Also, our tight integration in the Web Access user interface makes the user feel at home and perceive TFS with new capabilities (as opposed to using an extra product). This is a big plus to have a smooth user adoption. We know that adopting scrum is already an interesting challenge; you do not need tools to get in your way but be a possible accelerator.

In the release that we have for you this week (June 2nd), we deliver a bunch of enhancements including a productive way to use Areas. The upcoming release will most likely focus on a feature we call Perspective that will allow you to work seamlessly in Urban Turtle on a subset of work items making it a charm to do multi-teams and grouping projects together. We will also focus on enhancing user experience in a couple of key places.

Again, give Urban Turtle a try and let us know how we succeeded in turning it into a Chameleon.