Can you answer these 7 questions?

Someone asked me some good questions this morning in my mail. Here are my answers!

1. What made you develop this?
We at Pyxis Technologies are experts in Agile methodologies and it was obvious that TFS needed an interface where it would be easier to manage Scrum projects.

2. What do you do?
At Pyxis, Agility is guiding our practices every day. That is why we are a reference in Agile software development.
We offer agile coaching, consulting, development and training services. We also have a product business where we apply all those techniques to develop some great products

3. Have you got a version that works with the TFS 2010 RC ?
We currently have a Beta version of Urban Turtle for TFS 2010 Beta 2 and will have a version for the RC version available at the end of the current sprint (Friday march 5th).

4. What process templates do you support?
We will support virtually any template with the official release of version 2010 planned for April 12th. For the moment, in the Beta and RC versions, we restrict support to the MSF Agile 5.0 template from Microsoft.

5. URLs of screen captures?
We can only provide screen captures of Urban Turtle because of licence issues preventing us from allowing online access to a demo instance of TFS for trial purposes. We are currently looking into this with Microsoft and hope to have this issue worked around in the near future. With regards to version 2010, it is not currently available on the site but we can provide a trial version that can be installed on the VS2010Beta2 VM available from Microsoft on demand. Just send an email to to inquire about joining our early adopters program.

6. What have been the difficult things?
The integration with Web Access was a bit tough. The documentation available on the web is almost inexistent. We also had some performance issues at the beginning related to the way we accessed the TFS web services.

7. What things do you want MS to fix?
Microsoft needs to build a real Scrum template. MSF Agile 5.0 is a huge improvement over the previous version, but we still find it lacking when it comes to managing Scrum projects.

} dominic